Songs are generally pretty important part of the hash circle, and there are a TON! Instead of trying to list as many songs as possible, we’ll give links to great  ‘hash hymnals’ (songbooks), and indicate some of the more popular songs here on the ROK. Note: we don’t always sing every song as its written, but it can give a good idea…

** Fair WARNING to newbies: hash songs tend to be bawdy, or just plain dirty.

LINK: Beijing Hash Hymnal; common tunes to learn and use.
((Another hash hymnal.: CURRENTLY NOT ACCESSIBLE))
LINKHorntip: collection of songbooks, as well as recordings!

Commonly sung in Korea (good starting point)*:
– Bye Bye Cherry   **inc. recording
 Head (chant)        **inc. recording
– Its a small Dick after all  **inc. recording
My Girl’s a Vegetable      **inc. recording
 My Name is Jack     **inc. recording
– Ring-a-rang-a-roo  **inc. recording
– Soldier Song (ass-hole, asshole)  **inc. recording
 They oughta be publicly pissed on **inc. recording
– We’ve Got Virgins       **inc. recording
– Why was he born so beautiful?

Longer songs, not as common, but fun to include:
– Ball of Ballyknure  **inc. recording
– Days of the week  **inc. recording
– Chicago
– Gang bang  **inc. recording
 S&M Man.  **inc. recording

Other good ones
– Some Die of Drinking Water   **inc. recording
– Masterbated (Last night…)   **inc. recording
– Oh, Sir Jasper!   **inc. recording
– Glorious, Victorious! **inc. recording
– Barcelona  **inc. recording
– El Camino
 When the End of the month   **inc recording


Songbooks / hymnals:
– The Korea Hash Mini Songbook (a word document – click to download it)
– The Basics       – Short songs       – Longer songs       – Korea Specific